88 studies showcased in 2024 University Student Research Congress

Benguet State University concluded the 8th University Student Research Congress (USRC) with a closing ceremony held at the Everlasting Hall, Research and Extension building on June 20, 2024.

This year’s USRC showcased a total of 88 research papers presented by undergraduate and graduate students under the Science and Technology Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (S&T AANR), S&T Food, Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technologies (FIEET), Social AANR, Social Non-AANR, and Education categories.

The program started with synthesizing the activity by Office of Extension Services Director Anna Cris L. Langaoan.

In his message, College of Agriculture (CA) Dean Constantino T. Sudaypan, representing VP for Academic Affairs Samuel S. Poliden, highlighted the importance of the USRC. He said it lets students present their research and share it with the public, government, and other agencies.

Sudaypan added that the event allows people to learn about and appreciate the students researches.

“I look at this initiative as an excellent arena where we can bring out our researches,” he expressed, challenging the BSU faculty members to translate research results into extension activities.

The presenters under each category shared insights gained throughout the event and their research endeavors. Evaluators, including College of Social Sciences, Dean Stanley F. Anongos; DOST-Filipino Inventors Society-CAR President, Luder R. Zarate; and Karen Calderon of the University of the Philippines-Baguio, also shared their feedback and appreciation to the presenters.

Anongos emphasized the importance of addressing pertinent issues in research format and preparation, while Zarate encouraged students to focus on developing products from their research findings.

“Go back to the community to present your research,” said Calderon, highlighting the positive impact of the USRC in making the students contribute to their own communities.

This was followed by the awarding of winning papers from various categories.

Finally, Office of Research Services Director, Gretchen C. Ablaza acknowledged the evaluators, presenters, advisers, the deans of the different colleges, and the organizers of the successful event in her closing remarks. She congratulated the presenters for their participation and encouraged them to continue what they had started. “Kung saan man kayo daldalhin ng inyong career, research is always there. For sure, research is always part of your career. So, we better start embracing and loving research,” she advised.

The top 3 winners of the undergraduate category will represent the University in the Regional Research Symposium to be held on October 2024 to be hosted by BSU.//EMBawayan

The winning papers are:

BEST PAPER: Metal - Resistant Plant Growth Promoting (PGP) Microorganisms from the Rhizosphere of Tall Reeds (Pragmites karka) in Mine Tailings by CHAD WAYNE A. OY-YENG, College of Natural Sciences

1st BEST PAPER: Characterization of White Beach Sand as an Alternative Stationary Phase for Vacuum Liquid Chromatography by KENNETH M. AROCO, College of Natural Sciences

2nd BEST PAPER: Isolation and Identification of Fungal Endophytes of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) by NOVELYN A. MAGING, College of Agriculture

3rd BEST PAPER: Effects of Ultrasonification on Shelf Life, Microbial Load, and Vitamin C Content of Fragaria Ananassa Duch var. Sweet Charlie by MATTHAN IVERSON L. BALLESTEROS, College of Natural Sciences

1st BEST PAPER: Physicochemical, Microbial and Economic Viability of Traditional Alcoholic Beverages: Sugarcane Wine (Basi) and Rice Wine (Tapey) with Macaranga tanarius and Bubod by CHARMAINE P. VELARDE, College of Natural Sciences

2nd BEST PAPER: Effects of Colored Optical Filters on the Performance of Solar Panels under Baguio City Weather Condition by JOANA PAULENE L. SIMANGAN, College of Numeracy and Applied Sciences

3rd BEST PAPER: Formulation of an Acceptable Dehydrated Rice Noodles Made from Selected Red Heirloom Rice Landraces by ROLANDO M. TAWANNA, JR., College of Home Economics and Technology

1st BEST PAPER: Product Development of Modular Fashion with Diagonal Splicing as a Ready-to-Wear Garment by CATHERINE P. IT-ITAN, SOPHIA MAE T. MACARAEG & HANNA LEI C. PACITO, College of Home Economics and Technology

2nd BEST PAPER: Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Delumping Feeder of an Heirloom Rice Huller by DAPHNE P. CANABE & NICOLE AIRA P. DEPAO, College of Engineering

3rd BEST PAPER: Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Portable Strawberry Plastic Mulch Single Hole Cutter by BERNIELYN JOYCE M. PADILLA, College of Engineering

1st BEST PAPER: Technology, Innovation, and Infrastructure as Drivers of Sustainable Local Rural Food Systems by MAY CRISLINE V. GUMIHID, College of Home Economics and Technology

2nd BEST PAPER: Enhancing People’s Participation in Watershed Conservation in the Cordillera: The Case of Upper Magat Watershed by JERONIMO B. AGALOOS, College of Agriculture

3rd BEST PAPER: Assessment of Diadegma semiclausum (Hellen) as a Biological Control Agent Against Diamondback Moth of Crucifers in Atok, Benguet by CHONA B. SAKIWAT, College of Agriculture

1st BEST PAPER: Visitors’ Willingness to Pay for an Entrance Fee of Warriors’ Nest, Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines by JELIAN CLYDEL B. ALMESA, KYREN MAE F. DE VERA & WILLYN D. DOCOGAN, College of Forestry

2nd BEST PAPER: The Medicinal Plants of the Kalanguya Ethnolinguistic Group in Tinoc, Ifugao, Northern Philippines by CLARYBEL L. CUYASEN, DEVEY L. LAOANA & RACHEL G. TOMLAYEN, College of College of Natural Sciences

3rd BEST PAPER: Queen Bees: Participation and Contribution of Women in the Beekeeping Industry in Benguet and Baguio City by CHEYENNE Y. WONG, College of Information Sciences

1ST BEST PAPER: Paglilikom at Pagdalumat sa mga Katutubong Katawagan ng mga Tagbanua sa Pagsasaka: Batayan sa Pagbuo ng Glosaryo ni MARY GRACE A. JAGMIS, College of Arts in Humanities

2nd BEST PAPER: The Kedot of the Ibaloys: Change and Continuity in a Changing Landscape by ELLEN MAE TABBANG, College of Social Sciences

3rd BEST PAPER: Usok Puldiya: Unveiling Perspectives and Practices, A Qualitative Inquiry Into Chemical Usage in Small-Scale Gold Mining Operations by WILBERT B. WANAS, College of Social Sciences

1ST BEST PAPER: Shaping Gender Identities in a Heteronormative and Indigenous Society: Stories of Gender Non-Binary Individuals in La Trinidad, Benguet and Baguio City by MARK GONZALO D. BENTER, College of Information Sciences

2nd BEST PAPER: A Susceptible Infected Recovered Deceased (SIRD) Mathematical Model on Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Benguet by REBECCA A. COMPALAS, MARILYN B. LUDINO, & NEIKOLA CLYDE D. YANO, College of Numeracy and Applied Sciences

3rd BEST PAPER: Multiple Correspondence Analysis on Road Traffic Accidents in Benguet by DONA GWYNETH L. TANIP, College of Numeracy and Applied Sciences

1st BEST PAPER: Driving Transformation Through Digital Leadership by STEVE A. SOLANO, College of Teacher Education

2nd BEST PAPER: Watwat ni Si-met: A Logotherapy Interventions for Students’ Psychological Wellbeing and Academic Performance by RYAN PAUL T. DICOS, College of Teacher Education

3rd BEST PAPER: Writing Proficiency of Freshman Engineering Students: Underpinning for Supplementary Materials in Purposive Communication by ANGELITA A. BARLONGO, College of Arts and Humanities

1st BEST PAPER: Can Pre-service Science Teachers Detect and Correct Common Misconceptions in Science? Evidences from a Philippine State University by JONALYN D. KIWAS, REX L. DUSALEN & AUBREY V. LOPEZ, College of Teacher Education

2nd BEST PAPER: Intern Teacher Readiness Scale (InTeRnS): Instrument Development in Assessing Internship Readiness by JAMIE B. CATNAS, ROCHELLE JOY D. CULCULO, KAYE CEE C. KAMORA, JULIE ANN B. LIWAN & CHARON L. PANAS, College of Teacher Education

3rd BEST PAPER: Istorya ed Idi, Mabuya Edwani: Animating Stories of Alapu Folktales to Multimedia-Based Learning Systems (MBLS) as Pedagogical Told in Gatawa C. Dontogan Integrated School, Buguias, Benguet by CRAEL B. LAWA, JUNA MARIE M. ANGWAY & SHAIRA NESSA K. KISMOD, College of Information Sciences.