Library Policy

Fines and Penalties
1. Overdue books are charged with a fine of fifteen pesos (Php 15.00) a day per book.
2. Lost books must be replaced with the same title and edition. Lost books should be reported
    immediately to avoid incurring fines.
3. Bringing out of library books/materials not properly signed out will be penalized. Three (3)
    times unintentional and one (1) time intentional will be penalized with the suspension of library
    loaning out privilege for one (1) semester.
4. Students with overdue books for three (3) days will have a suspension of library loaning out
    privileges for a month.
5. Defacement, cut and mutilation or destruction of library property is subjected to a one (1)
    semester suspension of library privileges.

     • All disciplinary actions will be reported to the Office of the Students Affairs (OSA).

General Rules
1. All students must wear and swipe in their university ID cards upon entrance to the library.
2. School ID card is non transferable. One (1) semester suspension of library privileges will
    automatically be imposed to any person using another school ID. Such school ID will also
    be confiscated and should be claimed at the Office of the Students Affairs Office (OSA).
3. Abide with the following rules: no eating, no littering, no defacing of book pages, and silence is
    expected at all times.
4. The library staff shall have the right to take appropriate actions against any breach of